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If you could have a perfect day in your practice, what would that mean?? Is it having patients show up for appointments early, scheduling their follow-up visits and actually paying their bills on time? Would the staff have enough time to do their work and not spend all day answering unnecessary phone calls from patients? For many practices, i's a combination of all of these things and more – keeping patients happy, reducing mailing costs, etc. Anything and everything that will make your life easier, right?

Learn how TeleVox creates a perfect day EVERY day in over 17,000 practices. Click any of the phrases below to get started!

Reducing Communication ExpensesHere you'll find tips for eliminating high postage costs and allowing staff members to break away from the phone to focus on other tasks.

Reducing Incoming Phone CallsUnnecessary phone calls tie up your phones and your staff's valuable time. Learn how to dramatically decrease incoming calls from patients!

Preventing Patient No-ShowsEvery broken appointment is a missed revenue opportunity. Click here for strategies on lowering no-show rates and retaining practice revenue!

Generating More AppointmentsSure, the website is part of it. But opportunities such as recall notifications, on-hold messaging and more can be used to increase your appointment volume.

Reducing A/RWhen do I contact my past due patients? How can I possibly reach every one of these accounts in a timely manner? Your most important revenue cycle questions are answered here.