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Safe for children ages 0-12, Tummy CalmĀ® was introduced in 2012 to help infants and children with common digestive upset symptoms like gas pains, bloating, and stomachaches. The homeopathic anti-gas drops are sold in 2-oz. bottles, and each package of Tummy Calm comes with its own dropper.

The first and only FDA-listed homeopathic gas drops, Tummy Calm is free of sugar, soy, yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy, artificial flavors and colors. The product is made in the USA in a state-of-the-art FDA-inspected facility and contains the highest quality homeopathic ingredients, including chamomile, among others. The combination of herbs is designed to ease the symptoms of stomach upset without side effects.

Tummy Calm is pleasant tasting and usually soothes symptoms within five minutes or less. Unlike simethicone-based gas drops, Tummy Calm does not require regular dosing.

Tummy Calm is available at more than 15,000 leading U.S. pharmacies without a prescription. Find the store locator tool and much more at

Tummy Calm's manufacturer, TJL Enterprises, Inc. is also the maker of Colic CalmĀ® Gripe Water, a product used to ease colic and associated symptoms in infants. Colic Calm is now the leading homeopathic remedy for colic available in the U.S. today. Sold in thousands of chain drugstores and by baby-product retailers across the country and abroad, Colic Calm is estimated to have helped over 1 million babies and counting.