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Breast milk is best. For those moms that choose to formula feed, there is Parent's Choice. By choosing Parent's Choice formulas, your patients can save up to $600 without sacrificing the nutrition their baby needs. Parent's Choice formulas meet the same FDA nutritional standards as the national brands, but cost about half the price.

Parents Choice Infant Formulas:

* Provide complete nutrition for baby's first year
* Meet all FDA nutritional standards
* Adhere to AAP guidelines
* Offer a wide range of advanced formulations to meet babies specific needs
* Cost up to 50%* less than comparable national brands

If you are a medical professional, we would like to send you Parent's Choice materials. Simply fill out the form available on our website in the Sample and Literature Section, and we will send you complimentary baby formula samples, as well as literature about Parent's Choice for distribution.

For your patients, please guide them to our website designed for parents -

Parent's Choice Infant Formula

Please mention you read about Parent's Choice Infant Formula on the AAP Pediatric Buyer's Guide!