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Headquartered in Edison, NJ, Oceana Therapeutics was founded specifically to serve the needs of the specialty pharmaceuticals market, extending its established resources and extensive capabilities to set new standards for specialty pharmaceuticals worldwide. An industry pioneer, Oceana Therapeutics delivers a unique Optimal Outcomes strategy of identifying, acquiring and maximizing the potential of approved and late-stage development specialty pharmaceuticals-- redefining the way illnesses are treated.

Oceana Therapeutics goal is to enable physicians to prescribe drugs and deliver dosages that are specifically tailored for the patients disease offering Optimal Outcomes whether by decreasing “pill burden”, timing dosage release to optimize efficacy or offering the added economic benefit of limiting or eliminating hospitalization, reducing demand for surgery or emergency care. This approach balances both the patients wellness needs and the physicians requirements to provide outstanding patient care while efficiently balancing time and economic management constraints.

Oceana Therapeutics is set to be one of the worlds leading specialty pharmaceutical companies, with an unrivaled leadership team who collectively offer over 200 years in specialty pharmaceutical sales and development. As the most tested leadership team in the Industry, Oceana Therapeutics offers the unique difference of its entire management team having worked together previously, leaving to successfully form new specialty companies and now rejoining to collaborate to acquire under-valued drugs, develop new drugs, drive sales, and build product value.

Oceana Therapeutics management is dedicated to the concept of Optimal Outcomes for all participants in the management of disease; patients, doctors, health insurance plans and distributors. From years of hard won experience, we recognize that a failure to execute perfectly in any one of these areas will result in difficulty for all. By planning and assuring all participants are, accounted for, Oceana Therapeutics is poised to deliver Optimal Outcomes for patients, physicians, insurance plans, and distributors.