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Every Child By Two (ECBT), founded in 1991 by Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and Former First Lady of Arkansas Betty Bumpers, is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in children. Over the past two decades, ECBT has conducted a myriad of activities aimed at reaching its goals of increasing awareness of the need for timely immunizations and developing a systematic method of locating and vaccinating all of Americas children. Vaccinate Your Baby, one of ECBTs largest campaigns, features mother, actor and volunteer spokesperson Amanda Peet. This multi-faceted, public health education campaign targets the entire U.S. population with messages about vaccine safety and the importance of vaccinating children in accordance with the ACIP-recommended immunization schedule. The campaign addresses misinformation about the safety of vaccines and directs the public to credible research and science-based immunization information housed on