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Meningitis Angels is a national non-profit organization which offers some support to those children under 18 who are victims of bacterial meningitis and their families. They provide a full line of educational materials, including posters, brochures and videos on not only meningococcal, Hib and pneumococcal meningitis but all vaccine preventable disease and prevention. These materials are used by pediatricians, health departments, health care providers, hospitals, schools and the public. Our videos, brochures and posters contain personal stories to support the need for VFD prevention, infancy through adults and the need for community immunity. The founder Frankie Milley who lost an only child, Ryan to meningococcal disease serves as a full time National Executive Director of the organization. She advocates and is a keynote speaker around the country at health department meetings, schools, media, medical and other health conferences on the importance of vaccines and preventing diseases from the patient/parent advocate perspective.