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Plusoptix, a worldwide leader in the vision screening industry since 2002, manufactures 3 different pediatric vision screeners allowing you to purchase a vision screener that meets your specific needs. The S09 (stationary), the award winning S12C (wireless mobile) and S12R (mobile) are designed to screen the vision of patients as young as 6 months old and have been validated in countless clinical trials.

Key Points:
1) Screens for Hyperopia, Myopia, Anisometropia, Astigmatism, Strabismus and Anisocoria
2) Refraction of both eyes is measured simultaneously in less than one second from a distance of 3.3 feet.
3) Simply start the camera and align with the child''s eyes, that's it.
4) Measurement is fully automated.
5) Immediate results
5) 5 distinctive screening options allow you to easily tailor the screening results to your offices specific needs.
6) Eligible for reimbursement using CPT code 99174*

Measurement data is compared to validated referral criteria and either a pass or refer is displayed instantly as a screening result. Children with a refer screening result can be referred to an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye exam and treatment.

All Plusoptix vision screeners offer an accurate, cost effective alternative to traditional vision screening with no per "click" charges.

*Not all insurance companies reimburse for photoscreening at this time but most parents are comfortable paying an additional charge for vision screening.